The all-round upgrade of DENZA charging system has largely shortened the charging time and made it more convenient. DENZA 500 provides you with a personalized and impeccable charging option covering home, public places and workplace, which ensures full power for you both at home and work, thus offering you a carefree journey to work. It's our commitment to allow you to enjoy an interesting EV driving experience.

Charging Method & Time

Charging Method AC Wall Box DC Wall Box
Maximum Output Power(kW) 6.6 60
Charging Time(hour)* 9 1

*In theory, the SOC should be between 20% and 100%. In the process of using, the charging time may differ due to various factors like temperatures and external power supply and so on.

Easy Home Charging

Fully charged in less than 3.5 hours (enter Easy Home Charging)

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Intelligent Public Charging

Utilize “Internet+” technology to bring car owner a safe and convenient journey.

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