DENZA Comprehensive After-sales Service

Apart from advanced battery technology and superb Daimler engineering technology, we also provide all-round high-quality after-sales service and roadside assistance in 24 hours.

Warranty & Service of Non-commercial Vehicle

DENZA sticks to the concept of making better cars for you. We specially provide you with various warranty & service items, covering the car, battery and spare parts:

1)Warranty for non-profit new vehicle is 3 years or 120,000 km (whichever comes first).

2)Warranty for key parts and power battery is 8 years or 150,000 km (whichever comes first).

Roadside Maintenance Service

If your car is unable to run continuously following breakdown but it can be fixed at the scene, DENZA will send a service car or third-party service supplier to the spot and support you to continue your journey.

Towing Vehicle Services

If your car is unable to run continuously due to vehicle failure or road accident and can’t be fixed on the scene, DENZA will send our towing vehicle to recover your car and transport it to the nearest authorized DENZA dealer for further maintenance.

Other Solutions for Your Journey Onward

Your DENZA will be sent for repair to an authorized DENZA dealer by DENZA Roadside Assistance if there is any mechanical or electronic problem during your journey (faults resulting from driver negligence or traffic accidents are excluded). If the repair cannot be completed on the same day, resulting in the driver and any passengers being stranded away from home, the following services can be provided:

Hotel accommodation: you can stay and wait for your car to be repaired.
Continue your journey: a train, flight, or taxi will be made available to you.

Read the DENZA Client Assistance Guidebook for more details. 

DENZA Client Assistance Hotline: 400 068 8080

DENZA Intelligent APP Allows You to Control More Possibilities

DENZA 500 creates an Intelligent APP that has a variety of intelligent remote control functions to make your electric journey more effective and convenient. This APP includes remote control of seat heating and cabin temperature, visualized battery check, intelligent search of charging piles and route planning to the charging point, aiming to provide a precise, personalized and user-friendly driving experience so that you can communicate with your car and master intelligent mobility.

DENZA Official WeChat Accounts

DENZA Official WeChat Accounts (service account and subscription account) provide car owners and customers with comprehensive online services, such as test driver ordering, finding the dealer and charging piles, which give you a carefree journey. You can fully feel the pleasure of driving DENZA electric car via sharing and experiencing more colorful electric life via car owner forum and activities area.