The all-round upgrade of DENZA charging system has largely shortened the charging time and made it more convenient. DENZA 500 provides you with a personalized and impeccable charging option covering home, public places and workplace, which ensures full power for you both at home and work, thus offering you a carefree journey to work. It's our commitment to allow you to enjoy an interesting EV driving experience.

Charging Method & Time

Charging Method AC Wall Box DC Wall Box
Maximum Output Power(kW) 6.6 60
Charging Time(hour)* 9 1

*In theory, the SOC should be between 20% and 100%. In the process of using, the charging time may differ due to various factors like temperatures and external power supply and so on.

Easy Home Charging

Fully charged in less than 3 hours (enter Easy Home Charging)

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Intelligent Public Charging

Utilize “Internet+” technology to bring car owner a safe and convenient journey.

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