Charging Map

As a leader in the EV industry, DENZA provides an updated DENZA 500 intelligent charging map combined with “ Internet +” Technology to provide you with a convenient and carefree journey. One-button search helps you to locate the charging locations nearby and plans the fastest route so as to achieve intelligent and convenient public charging.

1)Worry-free charging by searching with one button. With one-button search, either the DENZA intelligent charging map in DENZA website, WeChat Service Account, mobile APP and vehicle navigation can show you the charging locations nearby or along your journey and choose the optimal charging solution to offer you a easy journey.

2)Instant car check and route planning. The first version of intelligent charging map is expected to launch. By early March, 2018, which will cover 269 cities, complying with the national standard and comprising of 14,359 charging stations and 112,424 charging piles. You can check the availability of charging piles in the map to ensure access. Fast route planning and one-key navigation enables you to charge as you arrive.

3)Quick payment by scanning the QR code. You don’t have to install various APPs but only to use DENZA intelligent charging map for intelligent charging. DENZA intelligent charging map has realized cross-platform payment, which covers all the mainstream operators. By early March, 2018, 192 cities are covered already, with 6,038 mobile payment points and 44,106 charging piles.

Instant search of charging piles