Intelligent Carefree Service

Carefree choice

49RMB/day, get your DENZA at the cost of two coffees

In the age of diversified consumption patterns, all consumers are pursuing zero-press lifestyle, so DENZA has developed a shortcut—DENZA intelligent carefree service for you to get a DENZA car and start your EV life easily. DENZA intelligent carefree service is a new auto finance solution that enables you to “enjoy before choose”, which has provided customers with unprecedented experience and encourage more people to start a high-quality and environment-friendly journey.

“Carefree choice” service allows you to experience DENZA 500 before you choose.

We work together with Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance to offer you an exclusive plan, with only 20% down payment, namely 59.8k RMB, or daily pay at 49 RMB so that you can get DENZA 500 easily.

Detailed financial plan

  • Lifestyle
  • Aurora

DENZA 500 lifestyle

suggested retail price (after subsidy)
Loan term Down-payment ratio Down payment(RMB) Monthly payment (RMB)
59,760 5,588
Interest rate of products with "use before selection" service is valid before 2018, Dec 31.

Upon the expiration of contract, you have three options:

1. Settle the balance payment to enjoy DENZA 500;

2. Replace it with new model to experience our new product;

3. Return the car to get new options.

* Please consult DENZA dealer for more details

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