Intelligent Carefree Service

Carefree Replacement

buy back at +50% of the transaction price

“Carefree replacement” service, customized for DENZA current owners.

For DENZA car owners who want to replace your current car to DENZA 500, we shall buy back your DENZA car at the price of no less than 50% of the transaction price. You can either use the repurchase amount as the down payment of DENZA 500 Aurora, or as the deduction of balance payment. Just leave your old car to us.

According to the 2017 Report on China Auto Value Preservation Ratio, the comprehensive value preservation rate of B-segment fuel vehicle after 3 years is merely 50%.

Do you know how to preserve the value of EV? Just choose DENZA.

We are devoted to offering you carefree car replacement.

Detailed replacement plan

1. Vehicle type: non-commercial car
2. Maintenance: full record of car maintenance as per DENZA maintenance period
3. Others: no trace of burning, soaking and serious traffic accident
Value-preserving buyback
Buyback price is no less than 50% of the transaction price
Application scope
DENZA 500 Aurora only
Replacement car owners is not entitled to “enjoy before choose” policy

* Please consult DENZA dealer for more details

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