Intelligent Carefree Service

Carefree Journey

charge as you wish with one APP

DENZA “carefree journey” service helps you to solve the charging problems to provide the best service.

DENZA users can upgrade the 6.6KW AC charging pile into 10KM or 20KM DC charging pile, which can fully charge your DENZA car within 3 hours. In addition, you can control the charging from a long distance via DENZA APP, so as to avoid electricity price at peak demand, which is time-saving and money-saving.

Since DENZA charging map has been upgraded, you don’t have to download many other Apps to search for charging piles, and you can even check the occupation of charging stations and make one-click-payment.

Customers in Beijing are entitled to the services such as valet charging, maintenance or repairing service, designated driving service or carwash service.

* Please consult DENZA dealer for more details

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