DENZA Logo is comprised of a central water-drop supported by two hands.

The blue drop represents the technology and the future, reflecting DENZA to pursue a pure and natural environmental vision. The two hands represent the mutual support of our joint venture partners, aiming at protecting the environment and nature, devoting to new-energy vehicle industry as well as fulfilling the duty of environment protection.

Core Value

The future will be better, because we never stop improving every day from now on. Just like DENZA, dedicates itself to promoting the development of new-energy vehicles’ technology and strives to guide the industry within every step. The future of new-energy vehicles is clear to see. With credibility, harmony, excellence as our core value, DENZA combines the technology, craft, design and other sources of both BYD and Daimler. DENZA insights deeply into China's national conditions and the development trend of new-energy vehicles around the world, forms unique brand core value, which takes creating beautiful nature and human life as its duty, considers producing excellent products as its mission and regards keeping making progress as its guarantee.

There is no end to life.
Your principle and purpose, as well as your standard and persistence will drive you to go further.
You step forward firmly, confidently never compromising with devout faith.
During your drive of thousand li, what you see is brilliance. Looking back to where we started, we continuously improve for you.
DENZA constantly seeks perfection by the virtue of its inheritance to Daimler's high manufacturing standard and combination of BYD's advanced battery technology.
DENZA exercises its inventive mind in the overall design and attains perfection in small details.
It delivers a superior range of 500km together with an assured Daimler quality with over a hundred years of car-making experience.
Provide comfort for every step you take and continuously improve for you again and again.

High Standard Comes from “Engineered with Daimler Group”

There are standards for being a man and doing things.
Bear the destination in your mind when starting off and never compromise.
DENZA receives profound influence from Daimler Group which has car manufacturing experience and technology for over a hundred years.
By virtue of inheritance, DENZA has a lot in common with Daimler, such as strict safety control technology, meticulous design style, industry-leading manufacturing and supplier systems.
DENZA 500, with customer needs in the heart and making the best BEV in China as its aim, is committed to offer customers the highest standard of driving experience.